Overwhelmed by the volume of content on social media? It is a serious issue for anyone trying to market successfully through these platforms. One shocking statistic is that 95 MILLION photos and videos are shared on Instagram every day. Moreover, there are 25 MILLION business profiles worldwide actively using Instagram. That’s why custom content is so vital. Every content strategy attracts specific audience demographics, response types, and presents its own challenges. Custom content helps you stand out among other content producers, merging functions of connecting with users, tapping into social networks, advertising, and researching content strategies before deploying them to broader audiences. It capitalizes on relating to the unique interests of your users to engage them in ways that don’t feel like a sales pitch. It’s about building relationships and deepening connections rather than sales.

To engage users through custom content, learn about users until you understand who they are. How do you show them you care about what they want and that you appreciate their time? How do you demonstrate your expertise or skill set? The benefits of custom content are all about the relationships you form with your users. Just like we form relationships with people in real life, custom content shows that you recognize who they are, what they want, and that you appreciate their time & attention.

1. Custom content is efficient 

By customizing what you're sharing with your audience, you’re respecting your audience’s time, delivering what they want and need in an efficient, engaging, and targeted way that tells them that you know who they are, and how they like to engage. 

2. You can target specific target audiences

Today’s users are more discerning, focusing on content that relates to them. If your product is developed for a Millennial male audience, target that audience where they are, using the language they use, and with visuals that appeal to them. You can’t appeal to every demographic using the same content. Customize your content to connect with users in different user groups. The more you learn what they want, the more you can deliver it to the right audience. 

3. It engages users

Users who are served content that's specifically tailored to themselves have a higher probability of engaging with your content because it speaks to them. They're going to more likely comment, like or even purchase from something that is relevant to them and their life than a generic ad.


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