Using Instagram Stories For Market Research

Let’s talk Instagram!

Instagram has continuously developed new tools to engage users leveraging Instagram story stickers. Not only is this a creative outlet for your business, but it helps to build an organic connection with those who view your content to encourage followers. This allows you to build your brand while encouraging free, unsolicited customer feedback. Who doesn’t want free feedback? It’s simple and immediate. 

There are three features we like to use: polls, question and the slide emoji.



Polls are helpful for encouraging feedback on a new or existing product. But have you ever used this feature to test potential business ideas? Do you think your followers prefer photos of your product, or would they like to get a glimpse inside your business to feel connected to your company? Have you wondered whether your stores would benefit from longer hours? Ask away! Formal market research can be prohibitively expensive, but polling gives you real-time, immediate responses directly from your customers. It’s never been easier to connect with them! People love to share their opinions online, and engaging with them using social media polls gives them opportunities to share their feelings about your brand, your products, and your company. When customers feel valued, connected, and engaged, their brand loyalty becomes stronger, helping you maintain your customer base while increasing referrals.

The screenshot is an example of how you can poll your audience. Notice that they used a “swipe up” link to drive users to purchase the product. If you want to tag your merchandise in your Shopify, there’s a sticker for that too (you just can’t use product tags and swipe up features on the same story). Using polls like this to increase interactive engagement shows your customers that you care about their opinions, you want their feedback, and that you’re thinking about the future. 

Now, although this blog is mainly around leveraging polls to garner customer feedback, you can also use it for just pure fun engagement. We’ve noticed that engagement has consistently gone up when using a poll vs other interactive stickers.



The second Instagram tool is the slide emoji. You can change the emoji to whatever you want it to be! How cute is the new jacket you’re selling? Post it and ask! Check your ratings to see what people think about a new item while showing them new offerings. If you see low ratings on a photo, you can create a new poll to ask why people feel that way. Is it the item? Is it the image? Are customers looking for something new? You don’t have to wonder, you can use this feature to ask what customers want, how they want it, and how you can deliver it to them. Well structured polls are invaluable to getting the pulse of your customers. Their answers can provide you with the feedback you need to maintain the types of products that customers are searching for, which will drive the success of your business.

You can feature a “did you know?” story, offer trivia about your company, or share interesting details about a product on your story. Or you can simply check in with your followers and ask them how their day is going, like you would with a colleague, friend, or family member. Adding locations, hashtags, or tagging people in your story reminds your audience that you are a “real person” and that your company is made up of other people, like themselves, with families, pets, hobbies, and interests. Creating a sense of community, affinity, and symbiosis delivers connections that are otherwise missing from online relationships. Tell your customers a story, ask them about their day, introduce them to your pet, poll them about your exciting new find, and give them opportunities to help you deliver.



Questions allow you to ask users anything you want and can answer anyway they want. This feature does have less engagement than polls or sliders because it takes extra thought on the user’s behalf to submit an answer or question, but you do get a bit more insight by the responses than with polls. The way we’ve leveraged questions in the most effective way is a twist on the Reddit AMA – allowing fans of the account to ask business leaders or influencers questions they’ve always wanted to ask.


So what are you waiting for? The possibilities are endless. We hope you picked up a new trick and will try it out now and see some results! Let us know how it goes in the comments below.


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