Understanding the Algorithm

By: Rachel Themmen, Community Manager

Instagram released their new algorithm earlier this year, taking it back to a similar version of what they originally did - chronological posting. Although this new algorithm meant that the more someone interacts with an account, the more likely that content would end up in their feed. This also includes Instagram Stories. As a business, you need to interact with your customers through not only posts, but stories, and comments. If you include an interactive question in your caption, make sure to like and respond to the comments, otherwise, your followers will become less inclined to engage with you. The more you put into them, the more you can increase your brand loyalty. With higher engagement, your content is more likely to show up on consumers feeds.  

A great tip is not just knowing what to post, but when to post it. You want to post your content during times of highest engagement. This is between 9am-6pm, during the week. If you post your content at 10 pm on a Saturday evening, you’re less likely to have your content seen by your followers. Scheduling your Instagram posts ahead of time can help with this.

The Facebook algorithm also changed about a year ago, but not quite for the benefit to businesses. Mark Zuckerberg made a post explaining how you’ll see less of businesses, brands, and media, and more family, friends, and groups. As an individual, that may sound appealing. But what does this mean for your company page? You’ll need strong, quality content that users want to interact with and share with their friends. This is not a bad thing! You should already be striving to have this kind of presence online. There’s a number of ways you can do this through Facebook.

  • Facebook live - if you have a new product or service you want to talk directly with your followers about, here’s a chance. It’s a little more personal when it’s coming from someone, and not just words on a screen. Also, all of your fans will receive a notification of your live broadcast!
  • Start a conversation - What do you want your followers to know about your product or brand? What do you want to know from them? Engage with them and they’ll engage back.
  • Keep the content creative - pick bright colors, don’t have repetitive content, and have a strong caption.
  • Use paid advertising. This allows a wide reach to current and potential customers. This allows you some creativity to captivate your audience. Strong content, use of graphics and images, or even a short video. Something unique so that viewers stop to look, and not just scroll on.

Incorporating some of these suggestions into your social media marketing can help boost your presence and increase your customer engagement.


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