The holidays are full force upon us and with that comes a special kind of marketing territory. It can be a tricky time for a business to come up with a strong game plan for their brand while everyone else is doing the same. So how do you make your content stand out?

First, you need to decide what it is you are trying to achieve. Are you trying to sell a certain product, or increase brand awareness and/or followers? From there you can choose the platforms you need to reach the goal. Making a strategic marketing plan for the holidays is imperative and should be done a few months in advance. Start a calendar and set the dates for any sales, email releases, and what posts you’ll be running each day. For social media, make sure to select hashtags for use on your posts. Creating a holiday-themed hashtag may also be a good engagement idea, especially if you plan on doing giveaways or contests through December. It’s fun and easy to incorporate holiday themes into your creative content and graphic designs. Make sure that what you are creating also aligns with your brand. By starting your plan early, it allows you more time to tweak with your ideas and make them as strong and unique as they can be.

During this time of year, make sure your business is well equipped to handle extra inquiries from customers. Whether it be through email or social media, these messages may be about product orders, shipments, or sales, and should be answered in a timely manner to ensure customer satisfaction.

This is the perfect time to offer deals on products and bundle pricing. You can take your best sellers and market them all into the perfect holiday package. You can create a product that is only sold during this time, and make it an exclusive item. Try to entice your buyers into sharing photos of your product, i.e., Make the design and packaging appealing, maybe offer gift wrapping on shipped products, do something thoughtful, unexpected or unique. If you plan on having a big sale, start some buzz and make sure to tease your followers with a few but not all of the details about what’s coming so they’ll check back.

During the holidays people are expecting to see a lot of promotional content. So how do you keep the attention of your followers? Engage with them! Instagram stories are interactive. Use the poll feature to collect votes, repost follower content that features your product or brand, and asks questions to gain insights- your personal focus group!. People love to be heard, so it’s important to show your social listening skills, like comments and reply back. It’s something so simple, but that can make your follower feel seen and valued.


Happy Holidays from everyone here at Viking!

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