By: Nicole Woods, President


I can’t stress enough the importance of leveraging various creative content to hyper-target the right audience. That's not to say you can't repurpose the same creative across platforms to maximize budget, but it has to be the right creative. Each medium - websites, apps, social media, television, radio, etc. - are used in different ways by the consumer. Many campaigns target the user across platforms and channels with the same creative for ease of approvals or efficiency of budget. However, what should be considered is if you’re really getting the most reach out of your creative if your audience is seeing the same creative on TV, their favorite website, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

Users do not interact with all platforms in the same way, so when a manager launches the same creative across platforms and channels, the engagement and overall reach of the campaign becomes inhibited. In order to maximize your marketing budgets, I stress leveraging a multi-channel, multi-platform strategy to allow you to engage your audience with a 360-brand experience. The goal should be to launch a cohesive campaign that thematically connects while leveraging consumer behaviors on each channel to your benefit. I'm not saying don't repurpose a post from Facebook on Instagram and Twitter, but you can hone in on a strategic way to develop creative that targets the audience and their behaviors.

Typically, I'll start diving into the creative strategy by focusing not only on the needs of the client but user behavior. Although a deep dive is usually my first step, I think about what I know myself. We’re also consumers - so how do we interact with platforms? How do our friends? Co-workers? Once I have the audience locked in through interests, demographics and platform usage, I’ll start identifying where we can maximize the creative and budget for each of those segments sometimes utilizing separate creative strategies for each platform.

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