How to Increase Productivity

Do you ever feel like you spent all day working but you didn’t get anything done? Too many times it can feel that way! We live in a day and age where everyone’s short on time so you want to make the most of it. Well we don’t want to take up too much of your time, so we came up with a short and easy list of things to do to help you increase productivity at work!

  1. Work on ONE task at a time - As someone who’s always trying to do three things at once, this can be hard. To quote Ron Swanson “Never half-ass one thing. Whole ass one thing”. Make a to- do list for the day that is realistic and tackle things one at a time. Is there something you’ve been delaying? Start with whatever’s the most urgent and go from there. You may dread it, but you know you’ll feel better when you can cross that off your list. But seriously, stop trying to do everything at once. You’re only one person.
  2. Eat. Sleep. Drink water! - Your mom has probably told you this before but you know she’s right. A good night’s sleep is imperative to your brain functions, as well as proper nutrition and hydration. Take a 15 minute break to have a snack, go for a short walk and get your body moving. Try some breathing exercises or lay your head down for 10 minutes. It helps to take your mind off of things and come back to your task feeling more mentally prepared.
  3. Stop constantly checking social media - Unless this is related to your job, you probably don’t need to be checking Facebook or Instagram every hour while you’re at work. According to a New York Post article, the average office worker spends about five hours a week on things that have nothing to do with work. Not only is this distracting you from the tasks you have, it may also get you in trouble with your employer. Save this for during your break or after work while you’re at home relaxing. There are plenty of apps available, such as Space or Social Fever, that can monitor and help manage your social media use.
  4. Keep a tidy workspace - Channel your inner Marie Kondo and get clutter out of there. How are you supposed to find what you need if you don’t have a proper organizational system? You’re going to be wasting your time checking six different places looking for that one report. At the end of your workday, take five minutes to tidy up so that everything is where it should be and when you come in the next morning, you have a clean, open space to get going. Get creative and color code your files or documents. On a quick amazon search for “fun office supplies” I am able to find animal paper clips, funny sticky notes, and binder clips with happy faces!
  5. Know when to say NO - If you already have more than you can take on and someone asks you to help with another task that you know you can’t complete on time, say no. If you’re having trouble managing your workload, speak to your boss about it. You might think that saying yes to everything you’re given will make you a star employee, but you may be decreasing the quality of your work and stressing yourself out by trying to do it all. Talking to your boss about your workload is not as scary as you think. Are there meetings that can be done via email or phone call? Try that instead of agreeing to meet up everytime something needs to be discussed. This helps save time for everyone involved, not just yourself.


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