Curating: How to Create Posts that Come Together Flawlessly

By: Nicole Woods, President

Curation is something that is really custom to you and your brand. For some clients, we suggest not doing any curation and instead focusing on only content they themselves have made. For others, curation is a great way to balance out the type of content as well as tap into additional audiences. When evaluating if you want to integrate curation into your feed, you should ask yourself these questions:

  • Does this benefit my audience or is it just filler?
  • Does the content flow with the aesthetic I've created?
  • Does it showcase my product or brand?

You don't have to have hard yes’ and no’s to the above, but it'll help guide you and your curation process. We suggest creating an Instagram collection for all of the posts that inspire you or could fit into your grid. Not all of these will be right to post, but it's at least a start. Now that you have some idea of the posts you'd like to curate, the next step is integrating them into your feed. There are a lot of ways to plan feeds and a lot of apps that help preview what it could look like. We use Preview - an app that allows us to add all the images we're looking to post over the next month and play around with the look of the grid.

Our goal is to balance the feed between photography and text graphics as well as your own content and curated content. Having multiple photos next to each other is obviously ok - I mean it is Instagram after all - but we don't want to put too many of the same style of photos next to each other. For example, if someone is holding a product in one way in one photo, we wouldn't use a photo similar to that for a few posts. We also won't schedule photos where the models are wearing the same outfit back to back - diagonal is ok if it benefits the feed to be that close in proximity.

Where posting graphics back to back in the grid is a bad habit that we see consistently when working with new brand clients - if your grid has a pattern of using a lot of graphics ask yourself why you need them. Sometimes (like our channels) it's due to the business that you’re in - for others it's just a way to bridge a gap in content. Social is a very visual tool, so it's better to show people things that catch their eye and sprinkle in those graphics that are promotional or quote based. This is where curation can come in handy

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