As 2018 is coming to a close let me say I am excited for what is to come in 2019.  First, let me thank everyone who has been a part of the Viking journey this year!  To all of you who have supported me, one way or another - clients, contractors, employees, friends, and family, thank you.

Some of the best moments of 2018 have come from my time growing Viking. After leaving my previous agency, I wanted to explore the various industries social touches and renew my passion for marketing. It didn’t take long before that fire came back and inspired me to take the leap of faith and make Viking Social Agency official.  The agency developed organically which is something I’m very proud of.  We grew two sides of the business that in the end work together seamlessly. I wanted a place where passionate creatives and strategists could come together and develop quality campaigns at any budget.

For me, sitting in a car in commute traffic for hours a day can drain creativity, which is why we are mainly a remote agency. My goal with Viking was to allow team members to balance their personal and work lives with the ability to meet up on occasion for brainstorms and strategy sessions.  Which, in turn, allows each of us to personally maximize our creativity and efficiency. Although we are all remote, I have found a perfect home for us.  A collaborative space in Hermosa Beach, just a block from the beach with extension office locations in El Segundo and Manhattan Beach. The space comes with large meeting rooms, a private office, a white cyc wall which will allow us to create custom content at an even more efficient budget. Additionally, in April we’ll have access to a podcast studio.   

I look forward to 2019 and all it will bring. In 2019 we will be launching our mail list, which will include even more tips and tools to rock your social, we’ll be going after more custom shoot content, and near the end of summer, we’ll be launching a monthly podcast! Last but not least, for the excitement that I have for all the campaigns and partnerships to come in 2019.  Let’s just say these social media warriors are ready for battle.

Here’s to 2019!  May all of you enjoy life’s pleasures and success!


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