Thanksgiving weekend is upon us to really kick off the start of the holiday season. As marketers and business owners, there’s so much going on to keep us busy. Here’s a list of some helpful tools we’re thankful for this year that we think you’ll appreciate too!


  • It seems like almost everyone’s connecting with influencers these days but why? Well, people trust influencers. They relate to them. It’s more down to earth than an obvious paid advertisement from a celebrity. Each influencer has their own brand and image, so it’s important to choose one that also aligns with your brand and projected image. You can reach your target audience a little easier this way, and even though the content is still promotion, it feels less like traditional advertising and more authentic.


  • Google Calendars - You can use this on your phone, tablet, or computer. Make a schedule for each month to show what content you’re posting and when. Check the calendar for any holidays coming up that you might want to do extra promotion for, and set reminders so you never miss a meeting or appointment.
  • Binded Agendas - Sometimes simple is best. For those that prefer having everything written down on paper, there’s a wide selection of planners available for purchase. You can get creative with your choice to whatever fits your preference. Inspirational quotes, colors, leather bound, and professional. It’s a good practice to stay ahead!


  • Developing a hashtag that is specific to your brand is very important. You want it to be unique, relevant to your business, and not excessively long or complicated. Don’t use 20 random hashtags just to get your photo noticed. If you’re selling cosmetics and you just use #makeup on your posts, you’re competing with 201 million posts on Instagram that are also tagged with that hashtag. You want to narrow that search down so when someone looks through that hashtag, they see your company and your product. It keeps it authentic and relevant. This is especially important for special campaigns, limited products or an event you’re running and want to keep track of.

Editing tools

  • Canva - There’s a wide selection of unique, modern templates available to choose from here either free or for a few dollars, to incorporate into your content. This is very helpful for small businesses that don’t have big budgets to hire outside graphic design. It’s simple to use and allows you to take your own photos and give them a creative edge.
  • Popular apps for editing phone photos for Instagram are Snapseed, VSCO, and Adobe Lightroom. These apps are easy to use and have a large range of filters, brighten your photos, enhance the colors, or change the focus to an item in the photo.

Management tools

  • HootSuite - One of the most popular tools out there, HootSuite manage your social media accounts. There are different plans available, depending on your business needs. You can use it on all major social media platforms to schedule and post your content, have multiple account managers, and receive analytics on how your posts are performing.
  • Later - We absolutely love later to help manage our grids. With their easy and visually appealing tool, we can make sure your brand always looks it’s best.
  • Google Analytics - Would you like to know how your website is performing? Paid advertisements? Set goals for how users interact with your site, find out what they view the most, or who is visiting your site. There’s so much insight available for businesses to use to their advantage.
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