Here are our top 10 holiday memes, because what else is a Social Manager supposed to do but find really cool memes?


For the person who just LOVES Holiday cheer…


When your bank account hits you after Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and general poor spending for the Holidays.


Because sometimes eggnog is the only answer...


We are also sure you waited until the VERY LAST MINUTE to get anyone their gifts, and now they are all getting gift cards.


Opening a present from someone, who you worked really hard on getting their gift, and they got you...socks.



And listen, you only have a couple weeks left to really indulge before you have to start your #NewYearNewMe.


There will always be that one person in the family who doesn’t understand why you are so indifferent about the holidays…


For when you wake up, possibly with a hangover after an intense night of shedding off the stress of 2018!


Because in 2019 you are going to make better choices!


And finally, enjoy yourself, 2019 is going to be a great year! Happy Holidays from all of us at Viking Social Agency.



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